Skydive by yourself!

•If you are set on making your first jump a solo skydive, then you should begin with the Static Line course.

•You will be taught the procedures, precautions, and the necessary skills to begin your skydiving career.

•Our instructors at Skydive Walterboro ensure that you have the best training possible and let you experience skydiving on your own.

•The static line training method is designed for those who want to become skydivers.

•On the day of your appointment, you will begin with a four hour training class followed by your first skydive.

•You will jump and freefall for five seconds as your parachute deploys automatically from an altitude of 3500 feet.

After your freefall, the next five minutes you will maneuver your square parachute and enjoy the sights.
The class trains you for everything you need to know to be able to steer and land your parachute.
A ground coach stands by on a ground to air radio and provides assistance with your canopy control.
Static line jumping is a challenging and exciting introduction to the world of skydiving!


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